Project Details

Renovation old banking building of New Nigeria Bank Oba Akran Branch



Project DETAILS:

Renovation of old banking building. This comprises construction of a new structure to adjoin the old one. The new building has a banking hall, bulk counting area, the branch manager's office and marketing hall. The old building was renovated to house the regional controller's office and other offices. The entire building was finished with marble on both floors and the frontal wall. An open cashier counter with marble top was erected in the banking hall.

Renovation of the ground floor of the building to accomodate a branch of new Nigeria Bank Plc, Work done includes marble counter, cashier cubicles at both open hall and bulk counting area, aluminium partioning of A.T.M offices, Branch Manager's Officer and other offices, construction of strong room, re-design of electrical distribution within the whole floor, creation of additional toilet facilities.